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Who is
David Seng?

David is an Indiana-born technology entrepreneur with a passion for science, education, and sustainable concepts. He is an experienced professional consultant, having spent thousands of hours implementing methodology, infrastructure, and architecture all around the country. In the past ten years, David has levereged his expertise to engage clients of every type, from early-stage startups to some of the nation's largest and most prestigious companies. He is also proliferative writer and visionary inventor.

Services Offered
by David Seng

David offers a wide range services, available as standalone purchases or packaged with other great beenfits. He is fully capable of handling projects of the following types: Branding and Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertisement, Research and Development, Concept Realization, and Comprehensive Cross-Platform Application Development. David is also a formidable veteran business consultant who excels at helping companies of all types modernize and streamline their business practices.